Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekend Fun

On Saturday we had our showing debut at a Fun show hosted by the facility I board at, and it was a lot of fun!

The ribbons pictured make it look better than it actually was. But it was a good leaning experience for both of us.
I know I should be an artist HAHA

The first class we did was Western Horsemanship, which consisted of a pattern and then riding on the rail. The pattern was fairly simple, and is clearly depicted to the left.

Walk to A
Jog to B
Stop at B and turn 360 degrees
Left lead lope circle back to B
Lead change, Right lead lope to C
Back 9 steps
90 degree turn and extended trot to rail.

It actually went pretty good for us, considering we have never actually attempted a pattern before. The interesting part of the class was when we had to walk/trot/lope on the rail. Even though it was already reaching high 80's the horses we all feeling a little spunky. lets just say there wasn't a single "pleasure" style lope in the group.

The start of a nice collection
The next class was Western Pleasure and consisted of only riding on the rail at a Walk/Jog/Extended Trot/Lope. Overall this class did go better for us although our initial lope departure was faster than necessary he did settle in and we actually had a nice collected lope.

Much to my surprise and delight we placed first in both classes.  

After the lunch break we did do both Poles and Barrels, We placed in Poles but took a no time in the barrels due to crossing the timer when we spooked at the second barrel.

All in all it was a fun Saturday and a good first show. We even received compliments from the Judge after our two morning classes. She said she could tell Notch was green, but he looked very good for where we were at with training.

There is another show coming up on Sept 12th that we will ride in as well and I'm looking forward to it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


I know it's vague but that is what I kept asking myself yesterday while I was riding.

Why in Western riding do we have to use 7ft split reins?? That is just so much leather to keep organized! Am I the only one that finds them awkward to work with??

The only benefit I see is that I can use the end as a whip if need be...

I want to convert. I think he'd look pretty spiffy in a English saddle, don't you think?

SO MUCH leather!