Monday, July 20, 2015

A Revelation...

So I have figured out what is probably our biggest problem! Notch has a best friend and when he is around his brain turns off and the only thing he wants to do is be with him.

This became clear a couple weeks ago. Notch and I were in the arena by ourselves and everything was going great! (even with the big scary tractors moving around just a few feet away.) He was forward and listening to me, we even had some really nice circles going (which is an accomplishment for us both).

Then his FG (favorite gelding) joined us and suddenly I was riding a crazy giraffe! The only thought that was going through his mind was "must get to friend right now!"

Since that day we have once again ridden completely by ourselves and he was listening very well, and he was also a angel when there were other horse around the arena (although they were not in the arena with us). SO it appears that our main issues arise when his FG is with us. Now that I have figured out the problem I need to figure out how to address it, because riding the crazy giraffe is not my favorite. And this proves he knows what I want him to do, hes just ignoring me when the herd instinct takes over.

Any insights would be very much appreciated!

Still one of my favorite views


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