Wednesday, July 8, 2015

An Update

So I am now a couple years out of school and I still have no idea what I want to do when I "grow up". I wish someone would just fund my hobbies or I could win the lottery, but since I never buy a ticket, that seems unlikely. So for now I will continue this whole work and job thing to fund my riding addiction.

Looking Spiffy
As for Notch, there have been some changes there recently. At the beginning of June Notch moved to a boarding facility near by, and although I miss seeing him out in the pasture at home, I truly believe this change is better for us. The problem with having him at home was the limited riding areas available to us. My neighbor has a small arena that they were kind enough to let us use, but the footing was less than ideal, and did I mention it was small? So now that he's moved we have access to two lovely outdoor areas, a round-pen, and and decent sized indoor arena as well. Additional perk is that there land runs along side a state forest with equestrian trails, so we can trail ride without having to trailer. So now we have no reason not to ride! And after last year we need that!

Working in the indoor arena

Also meet the newest member of the family. Nika joined the family in April of 2014, and she will be a 1.5 years in August.

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